USDOE’s COVID-19 Special Ed Guidance to State & Local Ed Agencies

The United States Department of Education (USDOE) has issued guidance to state and local education agencies regarding the implementation of IEPs and the provision of a FAPE during the current COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantines.

Click here to download the PDF.

The PDF includes links to other important resources, including the CDC’s guidance to schools regarding safety protocols. Much of the guidance provided by USDOE in its PDF mirrors what we’ve been saying all along.

Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych. on Linkedin
Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych.
Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych.
Anne has worked as a special education and disability resource lay advocate since 1991 and as a paralegal to attorneys working in special education and disability rights law since 2005. She earned her master's degree in educational psychology in 2013, with emphasis on human development, learning and memory, evidence-based instruction, and educational program design and evaluation. She has received additional training in mediation and post-graduate studies in applied behavioral analysis and individualized educational data collection methodologies.

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