Our Story

KPS4Parents was started in 2003 by Nyanza Cook, the step-mother and mother of two children with special needs. Starting in 2002 with her step-son’s case, being unable to afford an attorney at the time, Nyanza learned all she could about special education on her own before reaching out for a little extra help from a professional, finding Anne M. Zachry, who was working as a freelance advocate at the time.

Nyanza hired Anne to help her with her step-son’s case, which was ultimately resolved. Inspired by this experience and the stories she had heard from other parents, Nyanza started KPS4Parents and brought Anne on board to help get the organization off the ground.

Since then, we have grown into a team of experts, with Nyanza today serving as the chairperson of our board of directors and Anne taking the helm as CEO in 2006.  Our advocates have collectively represented hundreds of students and consumers with disabilities over the courses of their careers. We have expert knowledge of appropriate assessment and IEP design, as well as many other aspects of appropriate planning and learning among students and consumers with disabilities.

Meet Our Team

Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych.
Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych. – CEO
Special Education & Disability Resource Lay Advocate, Paralegal/Case Consultant to Special Education/Civil Rights Attorneys, Individualized Education Program Evaluator & Designer, Behavior Analyst


Emmanuel Arum, Executive Assistant to the CEO