Getting Help with Post-Shutdown IEPs

Download a PDF of the written transcript of the audio from this video by clicking here.

In this video, Anne summarizes how the IEP process is supposed to work in the first place, then how that process applies to students with special needs in preparation for returning to school in the Fall 2021 semester following pandemic-related school closures.

Parents can get the information they need to successfully advocate on their own in many situations. If you are dealing with complex violations of the law and need extra help, Anne explains the types of services and referrals we provide to parents and colleagues to help solve these kinds of problems.

Don’t start next school year without a strategy! We’re here to help.

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Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych. on Linkedin
Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych.
Anne M. Zachry, M.A. Ed. Psych.
Anne has worked as a special education and disability resource lay advocate since 1991 and as a paralegal to attorneys working in special education and disability rights law since 2005. She earned her master's degree in educational psychology in 2013, with emphasis on human development, learning and memory, evidence-based instruction, and educational program design and evaluation. She has received additional training in mediation and post-graduate studies in applied behavioral analysis and individualized educational data collection methodologies.

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