The Ethics of Making the Record

Today’s posting includes a podcast for education professionals, which we’ve broken into two separate downloads due to the overall file size. We’ve focused in today’s podcast on the ethics involved in making the record.

It’s an established practice in special education that when parents start to seriously pursue services for their children with special needs that their local education agencies don’t want to provide, some local education agencies will resort to making the record in such a way as to discredit the parents’ requests or the parents themselves in anticipation of possible due process.

For you special education professionals who find that your values conflict with what you are expected to do on the job, today’s podcast is specifically for you. If you currently feel stuck in the middle between the demands being made of you by your superiors and what you know in your heart to be right, today’s podcast will hopefully shed light on your situation and help you navigate your way out of this terrible situation.

PodCast Part 1: Part 1- Taking the Higher Road When Making the Record
PodCast Part 2: Part 2- Taking the Higher Road When Making the Record

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