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In keeping with the times and the improvements in social media options that have come along with them, KPS4Parents has launched its own YouTube channel with a playlist specifically devoted to Quick-Fix videos that explain simple but important special education-related procedures, as well as broad overarching explanations of special education-related concerns.

These videos first launch on our Quick-Fix Video Archive on Patreon, ad-free, and are released two weeks later on YouTube for free (but with ads) for the next 30 days. Once they expire off of YouTube, the live on for so long as they remain timely and relevant on our Quick-Fix Video Archive on Patreon.

In addition to archiving our Quick-Fix videos on Patreon, we also offer another another tier that is driven by user input. Our Ask Anne tier is like an old-school advice column in which users submit their special education-related questions using our online form and our CEO, Anne Zachry, selects the best questions and answers them in each video.

Broad topics that are briefly addressed by our Quick-Fix Videos are further explored in more detail on The Nexus of Special Education Science & Law, our exclusive, advertiser free patron-supported video channel. The Nexus provides in-depth explorations of issues that involved inextricably intertwined matters of science and law, as they relate to the design and delivery of individualized education programs (IEPs) for public education students who are eligible for special education.

Our Patreon channel is supported by subscribers. This allows it to remain ad-free.

You can access our Quick-Fix videos right away on our Patreon channel and use them as tools to inform your own advocacy for so long as you remain a subscriber, or wait for them to come out for free on YouTube, albeit with ads, and have access to them for at least 30 days before they expire off of YouTube.

Our Ask Anne program and The Nexus of Special Education Science & Law are both exclusively on Patreon. These videos take more time and resources to produce and would not be something we could continue to do without our charitable donors and patrons.

You can donate to us by clicking on the donation button on this page. To subscribe to any of our Patreon channels, go to

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