We appreciate the tireless efforts of the teachers and program administrators out there who are really, truly trying to do the right thing. We know they have been hampered by bureaucracy, inter- and intra-agency politics, inept and apathetic colleagues and superiors, and a host of other evils that prevent them from doing what truly needs to be done, but times are changing. Our newest professionals have been better educated in the sciences of teaching and learning than those before them, who are now increasingly retiring out of public education. We are seeing a shift in public education away from cronyism toward a data-driven, performance-based organizational style rooted firmly in scientific method, and we’re here to support that transformation.

Our training and consultation services for our colleagues in public education, universities, and the business world include, but are not limited to:

  • The relationship between legal compliance and science
  • The application of scientific research to educational program design and evaluation
  • The use of knowledge management technologies for improved efficiency and data analyses
  • Custom educational program design/evaluation services
  • Custom curriculum development
  • Training on developing applied scientific skills in the educational setting
  • Human resources solutions involving the employment of individuals with disabilities and/or parents of children with special needs
  • Expert paralegal support to attorneys working litigation cases in pursuit of remedies for individuals with disabilities

For more information, please reach us via our Contact Us page.