Anne has been with KPS4Parents since its inception in 2003, becoming its CEO in 2006. In addition to her executive responsibilities, Anne has an active caseload of advocacy students; conducts individualized educational program evaluations; designs and implements compensatory education programs; develops curricula and provides instruction for our online and in-person learning experiences and events; and supports attorneys in litigation pursuing appropriate outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Anne has worked as a special education lay advocate since 1991, as a paralegal since 2005, and as an educational psychologist since 2013. As a lay advocate, Anne has attended thousands of IEP meetings and hundreds of 504 meetings, as well as written thousands of letters and supporting documents, all to assist parents in meaningfully participating in the IEP process and/or exercising their protected right to advocate for their children’s disability-related needs.

Anne’s paralegal experience includes legal writing, research, and support to supervising attorneys in mediations, administrative hearings, and matters tried in State superior court, family law court, federal district court, and federal circuit court. Her specific background in educational psychology is in human development across the lifespan, the science of learning and memory, effective evidence-based instructional practices, educational program design and evaluation, and behavior analytics.

Anne also contributes to our social media content, designed to educate parents, educators, and policymakers on relevant issues of special education rights, rules, and science. Find out more on our Digital Downloads page.