Proposed IEP Goal-Writing Services

Writing ToolsSpecial education is delivered according to an Individualized Education Program (IEP) created by a team made up of the child’s parents/guardians and educators. Many IEP team members have difficulty appreciating the importance of IEP goals. Looking at the goals in most IEPs, it’s easy to see why they are so intimidating.

Weaving the sciences of child development, learning, and instruction into a construct that is required by law to be measurable is no small undertaking. But, this is also why so many students’ IEP goals are poorly written and parents find them confusing.

Parents trust that educators understand and know how to write IEP goals, but this is far too often misplaced trust. Special education professionals far too often have inadequate understanding of and training in IEP goal-writing.

Poor IEP goal construction is a critical failure of the IEP process!

Services and placement are selected on the basis of what is necessary to see the goals met in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Without proper goals, the team cannot make proper determinations of services and placement.

Parents who find it difficult to understand the IEP goal-writing process, judge the appropriateness of the goals proposed by their children’s educators, or create proposed goals of their own are at a distinct disadvantage in the IEP process. Lack of understanding undermines meaningful parent participation in the IEP process, a right guaranteed to parents under federal special education law. Parents cannot exercise their right to meaningful parent participation if they do not understand what is happening or the documents put in front of them.

Why “Proposed” IEP Goal-Writing Services?

IEP goals are meant to be crafted by the entire IEP team, not just the education professionals on the team. While the law does not prevent any party from bringing draft, proposed content (including goals) to an IEP meeting, what more frequently happens is that “draft” IEPs are prepared by educators in advance of IEP meetings with full knowledge that the parents have no idea what any of the IEP contents mean and the “drafts” become the unaltered “final” IEPs that are offered to the parents for their signatures.

Our Proposed IEP Goal-Writing Services help parents by giving them their own draft IEP goals to bring to the meeting table to share with their children’s educators. We assist parents by reviewing all the present levels of performance data that their children’s schools make available to them, as well as any private assessment and therapy reports the parents may have on hand. We then use that information to determine if any additional data needs to be gathered for appropriate goal development as well as provide parents with draft, proposed goals in those areas of need that are evident from their child’s existing present levels data.

Our set rates for Proposed Goal-Writing Services are as follows:

  • $895 flat rate, which includes:
    • Records review (last 3 years of assessment reports, progress towards goals reports, data sheets from current and/or prior IEP implementation, present levels data in the IEP documents, outside assessments and reports, etc.)
    • Up to 10 draft, proposed goals based on the existing data
    • Recommendations for any additional assessments or other forms of data collection needed to inform the development of goals
    • Recommendations for any additional goals beyond the first 10 (unless authorized to write additional goals, see below)
    • Up to 5 hours of consultation with parents and, with parent permission, educators to understand the present levels data and formulate appropriate proposed goals
  • $50 per additional draft goal after the first 10, upon parent pre-approval

We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to start the work, which is applied towards your total purchase price. The total balance remaining is due upon receipt of our report with the proposed goals and recommendations. We work closely with parents to make sure that the goals we propose fit their children’s unique situations.

If you are interested in this level of service, please contact us at for more information.