Parent Consultation

familyParent consultation services put our knowledge and expertise your corner without triggering some of the defensive behavior that some school agencies have when professional advocates become directly involved. If the issues you are facing are not terribly complicated, we can walk you through the process and your local education agency will have the opportunity to respond to you as an informed and knowledgeable parent, making you the primary person they answer to rather than a paid representative.

Parent consultation services are, in a way, an enhanced version of parent training. We use your child’s case to give you “hands on” experience with clearing the roadblocks that are preventing your child from receiving an appropriate education.

Parent consultation services are provided either behind the scenes with just you, or in collaboration with your child’s team at school, at your discretion. In the event that your local education agency fails to respond appropriately to your efforts, we can refer you to a qualified advocate or attorney.

Parent consultation services are provided on a for-hire basis. As with all parent and student services, because we are a non-profit organization, our hourly rate of $225 is based on what is necessary to cover our costs of operation with no mark-up for profit. For more information about our parent consultation services, please email us at