“Justice for All”

KPS4Parents is proud to be a part of “Justice for All,” a Ventura County-based collaboration of everyday citizens concerned with the protection of democracy and the civil rights and liberties of every single individual in the United States. “Justice for All” means enforcement and protection of the civil liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, as well as federal and State law to individuals of every political persuasion, ethnicity, religious belief and non-belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, parental status, age, health, ability, and economic status.

“Justice for All” does not place the welfare or needs of anyone above those of anyone else, truly pursuing justice for each and every person in this Country on the basis of each person’s individual needs and rights.

KPS4Parents is an education-oriented 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Donations made to KPS4Parents are tax-deductible. KPS4Parents is acting as a “flow-through” funding source for the “Justice for All” citizen’s group, lending its existing resources for fundraising purposes to bring support and a voice to persons in Ventura County, California and beyond, to encourage the protection of everyone’s civil and human rights, regardless of what they may be.

We are requesting donations to support the “Justice for All” mission, which includes the works performed directly by our organization. KPS4Parents’ direct works include assisting families of individuals with disabilities with the bureaucracy of publicly funded programs and the enforcement of their civil rights, protecting the taxpayers’ investments in publicly funded programs for individuals challenged by disability, and providing food security education to learners around the world. The works being performed by the “Justice for All” citizen’s group, of which we are a part, includes presentations, information dissemination, and events that inform the public regarding protected rights and access to resources to see them remain protected, regardless of an individual’s unique situation and needs.

The donation button below is specifically for “Justice for All.”  We have a donation button just for our organization on the menu portion of each page of our site.  If you use the donation button on our menu but want to make sure your contribution is directed to “Justice for All,” please add a comment to your donation so we know that’s what you want.  Otherwise, please use the button below, which includes embedded tags that tell us that it is a “Justice for All” donation.  A portion of your donation will still go to KPS4Parents to cover the administrative overhead of managing the donations of “Justice for All,” but the bulk of your donation will cover the costs of printing, permits, materials, and outreach to share the “Justice for All” message and resources with citizens everywhere.